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2 products

Reusable Epoxy Mold

From epoxy cutting board, serving tray to river table, we have the reusable epoxy mold for you!
Epoxy Dinning Tables

Host family and friends around your masterpiece.

Epoxy Serving Trays

Create the perfect epoxy tray with our reusable molds.

Epoxy Cutting Boards

Make your own to match your kitchen with our resin mold.

Epoxy Coffee Tables

Start the conversation around your own creation.




Great epoxy! It was super simple to mix and apply, and it settled with no bubbles. The finished product is crystal clear as described.

Matthew Henderson

Great price, quick shipping

The product was shipped quickly and arrived on time. The price is amazing, and the product is legit!

Anderson S.

Wicked good !!

So easy to work with! No bubble, crystal clear as advertised and super fast shipping!

Emily D.

This resin is the real deal!

First time user, created a river table that i could probably sell for a lot! I am now a fan of this river table epoxy resin!

Eric L.

Amazing product & customer support!

I had a lot of questions since i never used epoxy before. They answered me so quickly and answered all of my question. I mean, a lot. I was writing to them 3 times a day and they where answering! Made a huge river table and it was sooo easy!

Rebecca K.

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Epoxy Mold

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Epoxy Mold Q&A

DIY molds are usually not reusable; you can purchase now our reusable epoxy mold.

If you need to make any epoxy deep pour project, then you are at the right place. From epoxy charcuterie board and epoxy cutting board to river tables, we have the mold for you! Click here to purchase our reusable HDPE epoxy mold.

Pouring epoxy resin into molds can be a fun and creative way to make
various crafts, jewelry, and river table projects. Here are some steps you
can follow to pour epoxy resin into molds:

1. Choose the right mold: Select a mold that is appropriate for your
project. There are various types of molds available, including silicone,
plastic, and metal. Make sure your mold is clean and dry before you start

2. Prepare the epoxy resin: Mix the epoxy resin according to the
manufacturer's instructions. This typically involves combining a resin and
a hardener in specific ratios. Mix thoroughly and make sure there are no
air bubbles.

3. Pour the epoxy resin: Slowly pour the epoxy resin into the mold. If you
are working with a deep mold, pour in layers, allowing each layer to
partially cure before adding the next layer. This will prevent the epoxy
from overheating and cracking.

4. Pop air bubbles: After pouring, use a heat gun or a torch to remove any
air bubbles that may have formed. Hold the heat gun or torch a few inches
away from the surface and move it in a circular motion. Be careful not to

5. Allow curing: Let the epoxy resin cure according to the manufacturer's
instructions. This usually takes at least 24 hours. Don't remove the piece
from the mold until the epoxy is completely cured.

6. Demold: Once the epoxy is cured, gently remove it from the mold. If it's
stuck, you can use a release agent, such as petroleum jelly or mold release
spray, to help it release more easily.

Remember to always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the epoxy
resin and mold you are using, and work in a well-ventilated area with
proper protective equipment.