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5 products

Make your own river table!

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River Console Table

Revitalize your living room!

Shorline River Dinning Table

Make the perfect river dining table for your perfect home.

Custom River Table

Make your own design to accommodate large gatherings.

Repair Old Furnitures

With simple DIY hacks, repair and fill holes in broken furnitures.




Great epoxy! It was super simple to mix and apply, and it settled with no bubbles. The finished product is crystal clear as described.

Matthew Henderson

Great price, quick shipping

The product was shipped quickly and arrived on time. The price is amazing, and the product is legit!

Anderson S.

Wicked good !!

So easy to work with! No bubble, crystal clear as advertised and super fast shipping!

Emily D.

This resin is the real deal!

First time user, created a river table that i could probably sell for a lot! I am now a fan of this river table epoxy resin!

Eric L.

Amazing product & customer support!

I had a lot of questions since i never used epoxy before. They answered me so quickly and answered all of my question. I mean, a lot. I was writing to them 3 times a day and they where answering! Made a huge river table and it was sooo easy!

Rebecca K.

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River Table Q&A

Choosing the right wood for your epoxy table is essential. You can use almost any kind of wood, but it should be natural, seasoned, completely dry (12% less moisture), and as smooth as possible. Usually, a 2-inch thick wood slab should be enough.

You can find the required wood in a carpenter’s workshop, a timber dealer, hardware store or any DIY store and online, of course. When shopping for the wood, look for two wooden flat surface boards and ask the carpenter to cut the wooden planks from one side into a slightly curved shape to make it look like an edge of the river.