Make your own River Table

Reusable Mold Tutorial

Easy steps to accomplish a perfect deep pour project.

Accessories Required:

  • Epoxy resin reusable mold.
  • Clean wood slab.
  • Cleaning wipes.
  • Denatured alcohol or soap.
  • River table epoxy resin.
  • Mica powder or epoxy dye.
  • Mixing bucket & stirring stick.
  • Butane torch.

Ensure that your reusable mold is free of dust or contaminants. We love using denatured alcohol since it evaporates quickly. Also, inspect your wood slab to ensure that there is no loose bark or anything that might weaken or prevent the bond between the epoxy and itself.

Secure The Wood Slab

Place your wood slab in your reusable epoxy mold. Secure it in place with weight or a transversal piece clamped to the lip to prevent floating.

Step 3
Mix & Pour

Following proper instructions, mix the river table epoxy resin carefully. After ensuring a homogenous mixture, slowly pour the epoxy resin into your reusable epoxy mold.

Step 4

Ensuring the room temperature is set at the required manufactured recommendation wait 72 hours for your project to cure completely.

Loosen The Sides

Grab one side and its opposite side and apply an external pressure until you hear the epoxy detaching from the reusable resin mold. Repeat the same spet for the opposing sides.

Final Step

Flip the mold over after the sides are unbonded to the epoxy. Apply pressure with both hands on the middle of the back of the mold. You will feel the flexibility of our reusable epoxy mold and hear the epoxy resin detaching itself from the mold. You can now lift the mold and find your epoxy creation de-molded.