How To Repair My Epoxy Table?


Epoxy River Table Troubleshooting

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Common Issues with Epoxy Resin River Table

Epoxy Detached From Wood

Your river table might look entirely broken but worry not. Follow this quick tutorial to repair your table.

Surface Coat Damaged

This one might be the most common issue. follow this quick tutorial to repair your river table surface coat.

Epoxy Resin Not Curing

Your epoxy resin for river table has not cured? it has been over 72 hours, but still, it looks like an actual river? Do not worry; click the image and follow our steps.

DIY Epoxy River Table Repair

A broken epoxy river table is never good news. Whether it is just surface damage, the resin is not working/curing as it should, or your table is completely detached, emotion might get the best of us and compel us to send this devastated masterpiece to the waste. Who could blame us for doing so? DIY Epoxy assures you that it is not the best option! With our step-by-step tutorial, we will accompany you during your epoxy river table repair. Simple, easy, fun, and cost-effective DIY River table repair tutorials. We have the solution to all of your problems, if you cannot find it, contact us, and our epoxy resin experts will be there for you!