Epoxy River Table

Whether you've just finished your epoxy river table and want some extra protection or it is a bit used, and you wish to restore its lustrous shine, clear coating your river table is always an excellent option to protect or refurbish your river table!

Accessories Required:

  • DIY Countertop Epoxy Kit
  • Personal safety gear
  • Brushes & wipes
  • Leveler
  • 180-220 grit sand paper
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Epoxy scrapper
Leveled Working Surface

Having a leveled working surface is imperative for the success of any epoxy resin project. When your table is leveled, ensure that it is stable and will not budge for the duration of the clear coating process.

Scuff Sanding

The scuff sanding step is to ensure the clear coat layer adheres to your river table perfectly. It might seem like you are ravaging your current top layer, but the clear coat will remove all the scratches the scuff sanding process is making.

Clean & Mix

With a small brush ensures that all of the sanding residues are cleaned from the surface and wiped down the surface with isopropyl alcohol to ensure there are no residues. In a round, big enough container for twice the size of your pour volume, mix an equal ratio of the resin with the hardener for at least 4 minutes.

Pour Your Flood Coat

After the mixing process is done, do not wait too long to pour your epoxy resin. DIY Countertop epoxy resin has a working time of 20 minutes once mixed. You can now pour the epoxy resin on top of your river table with a circular movement. This epoxy self-levels at 1/8 of an inch; you can use a plastic epoxy spreader to help achieve a uniform thickness on the entire surface.

Cure & Enjoy

Ensure to wait at least 48 hours at the instructed temperature on the product label. Sometimes it might look cured but applying any pressure on the product prematurely might damage the top layer of your new or refurbished epoxy resin river table.