Epoxy Resin Countertop

Are you thinking of a DIY epoxy countertops project? It looks such a big deal, and many people are saying you should leave it to experts! Well... We are the expert, and we will walk you through this simple DIY Epoxy Countertop project!

Accessories Required:

  • Countertop Epoxy Kit
  • Color Pigments
  • Personal safety gear
  • Brushes
  • Leveler
  • 80-220 grit sand paper sponge
  • Isopropyl alcohol
Level & Prep Your Surface

To ensure your epoxy resin's proper adhesion, you should scuff-sand your working surface with 80-200 grit sandpaper. Also, ensure that your counter is well leveled to avoid an epoxy mess on your floor. Remove sanding residue with your isopropyl alcohol and wait for it to dry.

Mix & Color

Start mixing enough epoxy for a 1/16" coat; you can use our epoxy calculator for the required quantity. Depending on the color you chose for your counter for this example, we will use the white color for the base color, mix the color tint with the epoxy mix for the 1/16" primer coat.

Primer Coat

With a small scrapper or a paint roller, apply the primer coat evenly. Apply the primer coat on the sides to ensure all surfaces are covered. Wait 45 minutes to an hour until the epoxy is tacky.

Flood Coat & Effect Mix

You will need enough epoxy for a 1/8" flood coat. To ensure proper quantity, you can use our epoxy calculator. Add two cups more to your epoxy measurement for the marble effect; one tint it gray and the other black. Tint the flood coat completely white.

Flood & Drizzle

Apply the epoxy countertop flood coat on your working surface evenly to a 1/8" depth. Afterward, drizzle random lines with the gray-colored epoxy. Feather the gray line using a brush or your fingertips. Repeat the same process with the black lines for a marble-like epoxy countertop look! Wait 45 min to an hour until the epoxy is tacky.

Clear Coat & Cure

After the flood coat is tacky, you can now apply the seal coat. Mix Enough epoxy resin for a 1/8" coat, with no color, apply the clear epoxy resin evenly. Making sure not to wait until the flood coat is cured is crucial for the proper adherence to the seal coat. You can use a butane torch or a heat gun to remove the small air bubbles, do not hover more than 1 second above the epoxy. Epoxy for countertop usually takes 48h hours to cure at 73-80 degrees Fahrenheit. To be on the safe side, allow at least a week to ensure the epoxy countertop is completely cured before putting anything heavy on your new countertop.

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