Make your Own Canvas or Paintings

You can achieve a myriad of masterpieces with art epoxy resins. DIY Epoxy will walk you through all of your favorite epoxy projects!

Accessories Required:

  • Personal safety gear 
  • Canvas, you can use a piece of wood of your choosing
  • DIY Art Epoxy Kit
  • Leveler & sheets to protect your working surface
  • Spray paint, & glitter, or art accessories you will use on canvas
  • Small brush & spreader
  • Stirring utensils
  • Disposable cups for mixing
  • Protective cover (box or plastic sheets) for your artwork as it cures
Prime Your Surface

With the colors of your choosing prime your working surface, if you are using wood as a working surface, this will seal it and provide a background color for your art epoxy masterpiece! Priming your surface is not mandatory; you can get away without primer depending on your working surface. However, it is always recommended when using wood or any porous surface.

Preparing Your Colors

It is always essential to prepare your colors and the epoxy needed for the project. DIY Art epoxy resin has a working time of 20 minutes; planning in advance to avoid losing time is vital for the success of your project. This step is up for your imagination, using colors to re-create memories or landscapes, leading to a limitless color combination possibility.

Mix Your Resin

Using a 1:1 ratio as directed on the DIY Art epoxy bottle instruction, pour one part resin to equal one part hardener. In a round-edged container, mix for at least 4 minutes. After the mix is homogenous, you can now divide your mixed epoxy into cups containing your color pigments and mix until the desired color effect is achieved.

Imagine & Pour

This is your moment! Letting your imagination loose is what DIY Art epoxy is about. Whatever landscape or color amalgamation you desire, just imagine it and let it become a reality.


You can use a small butane torch or a heat gun to degas your masterpiece; small bubbles can form during the mixing or pouring process. You can use the wind created by the heat gun to create visual effects.

Protect & Cure

With a plastic film or bag, you can cover your epoxy resin artwork during the curing process. DIY Art Epoxy resin requires 24 hours to cure at 22-25 C° (72-77 °F).

Begin you project!

You can easily clear coat any surfaces with our art epoxy formula.