Follow these easy steps to create your own epoxy resin coasters!

Fun DIY Art Epoxy Project

Art epoxy resin is as boundless as your imagination. Having inexhaustible possibilities of projects, you will never run out of fun DIY Art projects or even household items or decors. This brings us to our next fun project; Epoxy resin coasters! Costers is not only fun to make, but you can receive guesses with infinite possibilities of colors and shapes!

Accessories Required:

  • You can let your imagination loose with our art epoxy resin; you can add items like sand, rocks, shells, or any object you wish to incorporate in your coasters.
  • Color pigments, base or shell for your coasters.
  • Mold for the coaster and a mold release agent.
  • Stirring stick, cups for mixing different colors and a large container to mix the art epoxy resin.
  • Fire torch for degassing.
  • Silicon mat for working surface and plastic sheets or box to cover your coaster while they cure.
Prep & Level Your Working Surface

Ensure that your working area is well ventilated and the room temperature, the epoxy resin & hardener is between 22-25 C° (72-77 °F) to ensure your art epoxy resin painting clear coating project's success. In addition, ensure that your working area is clean and leveled. A leveled working surface is essential in making even coasters.

Measure & Mix

Measure your epoxy resin with a 1:1 ration volume. Mix thoroughly in a round countertop for at least 5 minutes. After the mixing is done, do not wait too long as you have about 20 minutes of working time with the epoxy resin.

Add Colors & Mix

Add the types of colors and features to your mix according to the type of epoxy resin coasters your wish to make. Then mix until you are satisfied with the colors of the epoxy resin.

Pour In Your Mold

You can now pour your epoxy resin mixture into your epoxy coater mold. After or before your pour, you can add small objects like flowers that you wish to encapsulate.

Cure & Finalize

Let it cure for 24 hours between 22-25 C° (72-77 °F). After the curing process, you can add features if you need to finalize your project.

Make your resin coaster now!