Repairing Damaged Countertop

Epoxy kitchen countertops are definitely able to endure a whole lot of mistreatment. But like all types of countertops, scratches can occur. The advantage of an epoxy resin countertop is that it is never the end of its like; you can quickly and easily add more coats to make it brand new again!

Fixing you Epoxy Resin Countertop

Most of the damages that can occur are scratches or dents caused by objects. To bring back your resin counter, all is needed is one or 2 topcoats to bring the shine and remove the scratches. If your countertop is discolored or burn, then you will need to go though the steps of redoing a new countertop; you can go directly to the how to create a marble like countertop tutorial.

Accessories Required:

  • Countertop Epoxy Kit
  • Personal safety gear
  • Brushes & wipes
  • Leveler
  • 180-220 grit sand paper
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Epoxy scrapper

Important Note:

Before working with countertop epoxy resin, please ensure that the bottles are above 75°F/24°C.

Prep & Level

Ensure that you have all of the required tools and equipment before starting any epoxy resin countertop project also, that your environment is clean and well ventilated. With a level, you can then make sure that your working area is leveled.

Scuff Sanding

Scuff sanding is the action of lightly sanding the top to ensure the epoxy resin coat will bond to the counter. Once you've scuff sand the entire surface, ensure that you remove all dust and loose particles. Using a brush to remove the majority of the dush, then use isopropyl alcohol with a cloth to remove the resilient residue. After you've ensured the countertop is clean, you can go to the next step.

Measure & Mixing

In a large round, container mix your countertop epoxy resin with the hardener. Ensure that your container is large enough for twice the volume of your pour. Mix for at least 4 minutes to ensure a homogeneous mix. Countertop epoxy resin has a working time of 20 minutes after you've combined the resin with the hardener, which means that the epoxy will start to cure after 20 minutes. It is essential to pour after you've mixed the product.

Pouring Stage

Ensuring your room temperature is around 75°F/24°C, you can now pour your countertop epoxy resin. Using circular movement, pour the resin equally over your countertop. The resin will self-level at 1/8"; you can use a plastic scraper to ensure the epoxy is uniformly spread over your surface.

Protect & Cure

Ensuring your countertop is safe from debris, dust, and cold wind during its curing stage is crucial for the success of your project. During at least 24 hours, you must ensure that there will be no contaminant, wind, or difference in temperature to ensure a proper cure. Using a thin plastic cover is an excellent option if there is movement in the room. Once the counter is secured, you can now wait for your epoxy countertop to cure at the mentioned temperature.

Prevent & Enjoy

For damage prevention, we recommend not placing any heavy objects on the countertop for the first week. You can now fully enjoy your brand-new-looking epoxy resin countertop!

Repair your countertop now!