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6 products

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Great product for counter top!
This was my first time ever using any type of epoxy, and it was super easy to use! It worked perfectly for my bathroom vanity countertop makeover. It mixed well with enamel paint to colour, and spray paint. I was able to achieve the look I wanted without having to get new counter tops.

Vintage House by Leah

As good or better than higher priced products
Mixes well and takes colors well!

Chris J.

Easy to work with
Refinish old countertop

Jeannette P.

Looks great, easy to apply!
Great epoxy! It was super simple to mix and apply, and it settled with no bubbles. The finished product is crystal clear as described.

Matthew Henderson

Had an issue. They took care of it promptly without me having to jump through hoops. Very nice and the product turned out as good as the service.

Chris Morris

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Epoxy Resin Questions

Epoxy is a thermoset polymer that results from two or more industrial chemical compounds reacting. When in a liquid state, epoxy is useful in the coating, lamination, and infusion of materials such as wood and carbon to make them waterproof, robust, and durable. After curing, epoxy becomes fry and hardens to become a resin. Epoxy resins have a wide variety of uses.

Using epoxy resins with the proper instruction is an easy project. It can look complicated and overwhelming at first glance, but it is just a series of simple steps. Ensuring to follow these steps is crucial, and you will accomplish wonders while having fun! Click here for epoxy resin tutorials!

Epoxy resin’s cost depends on the quality and the usage of the product. Epoxy resin kit are priced around 100$ per gallons.

You can effortlessly buy your epoxy resin online here online. Our easy checkout will make this transaction simple, and our fast shipping will get the epoxy to your doorstep within days. If you have any questions about your order, contact our epoxy specialist, and they will respond to you within the briefest of delay.

We are bringing to your home the most versatile and user-friendly epoxy resin kits on the market. We've created epoxy for all of your needs; no matter the project, we have the epoxy for you!

Having the best labs to formulate our product, we can confidently declare that our epoxy resin formulas transcend any formulas on the market. The quality of our epoxy is sacred for us; if we do not provide you with the pinnacle of quality, we will not rest at night.

We will never sacrifice quality for profit. We are able to have competitive prices for our epoxy resin kit due to our low-profit margins. We are on a mission to offer the world premium quality epoxy resin formula for any project at the lowest price possible.

Epoxy Resin remains fresh and usable for one year if unopened and around six months if opened. After this, you might notice a yellow tint, it is still usable, but there might be yellow in the final cure. We suggest that you only use older epoxy resin with colors to cover the yellowing.

UV light causes yellowing and other degradative effects to DIY Epoxy resin. Stabilization additives are therefore essential to help mediate the damage. The UV stabilizer helps to reduce yellowing, maintaining the gloss and resin decay caused by the sun. It is important to note that a UV stabilizer only delays yellowing in resins. The DIY Epoxy Resin has a HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer) to ensure your epoxy projects will be protected from the sun.